A print defect where an unwanted image appears, often as a dark line in a light or solid print area. Tracking occurs when two print stations, which are often next to each other, interact.


– Excessive ink application;

– Dirty printing plates;

– Ink viscosity too high;

– Ink drying too slowly;

– Die cutting or folding operations:

  1. Worn or rough anvil blankets;
  2. Excessive cutting die pressure;
  3. Worn or slipping folding belts;
  4. Guides, rails or bars hitting print;
  5. Stacker belts hitting print.


– Clean and replace doctor blade;

– Clean plates;

– Reduce viscosity;

– Increase drying speed of ink by reducing viscosity, reducing ink film thickness with better metering. Decrease machine speed and increase dryer temperature;

– Optimise converting operations: Replace or trim/grind anvil blankets;

– Remove die rubber, replace knives, reduce die pressure, replace anvil blankets;

– Replace or adjust folding belts;

– Adjust or remove to minimise impact;

– Move or lift belts from print areas.

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