From 1961 (year of foundation) to date no litigation in civil or criminal proceedings with the creditors, especially with the most important creditors: our employees.


The human resource is the heart and the most important asset of Giugni Srl. So reads Article 2 of the Constitution: “The Republic recognises and guarantees the inviolable rights of


Three thousand euros per year destined for the planting of new plants and greenery maintenance. A good number of plants in the workplace reduces health problems and contributes to the


From the foundation (1961) to date, no employee was laid off despite the deep economic crisis we went through (the energy crisis of 1973, the Italian crisis of 1992, the


Believing in the value of our workers and job stability: 75% of Giugni Srl workers exceeds ten years of seniority. The permanent employment contract is the contract that gives the


Extra-work financial support to workers with personal or family needs. This results in the adoption of a policy which reconciles the economic objectives with the social and environmental ones of


Culture of safety and prevention priority. From 1961 (year of foundation) to date, no degree of disability due to injury suffered by any employee.


Historical collaboration with public school by reception of students in internships. The Technical Institute of Modena was founded in 1921 from the desire of industrialist Fermo Corni, who, to obviate


Break between shifts not less than ninety-minutes long to ensure an optimal recovery of the psycho-physical energies of the workers and a relaxed meal consumption.


Economic contribution to the people affected by the earthquake in central Italy (August 2016).

Trade Shows



Social and ethical implications of running a business


Economic support for the knowledge and protection of mountains.


Creating business is creating culture. Considering how the knowledge of the Emilian territory is indivisible from that of its manufacturing, industrial, and productive activities, it


Periodic financial support for the transportation of disabled people, the elderly, and people in wheelchairs.


Giugni Gian Carlo (mourned president of Giugni Srl) awards the winning team of the football tournament organized by Giugni Srl for the fundraising against leukaemia.


Need-to-know facts for printing professionals


Print can be removed by scratching the surface. Print fails adhesion tape, rub or wrinkle tests. Causes: – Wrong ink used for substrate; – Ink


An undesired adhesion between touching layers of material caused by moderate pressure and/or temperature change. The extent to which damage to at least one surface


Ink film cracks or breaks on substrate when flexed. Causes:  – Excessive heat or UV exposure level in drying/curing system causing a moisture and plasticizer


Creases form in substrate. Causes:  -Baggy substrate; – Web guide not operating or properly set; – Press out of alignment; – Foreign matter on press