NIC (Non-Stop In-Line Cleaner)

NIC (Non-Stop In-Line Cleaner)

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Technical specifications
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System for cliché cleaning during in-line printing

NIC (Non-stop In-Line Cleaner) is a ground-breaking system developed to clean the printing cliché while the machine is in operation. The NIC technology improves printing quality by removing any dirt from the surface of the cliché immediately using a water jet.

In fact, repeated contact with fibrous materials leaves residues on the cliché, and over time they may impair printing quality. Manual cliché cleaning procedures, sometimes necessary to conserve printing quality, inevitably imply stopping the machine and thus production.
The NIC system is an automatic cliché cleaning system integrated in our in-line flexographic printers, designed to overcome problems of this kind and optimise output. It is intended in particular for the nonwovens and paper converting sectors.

Contact us to choose the Non-stop In-Line Cleaner system made-to-measure for you.