Modular 921



Extrusion Converting, Paper Non-wovens Fabrics


Paper Cardboard

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Technical specifications
No. of print colours


Printing width (min)

1100 mm

Printing width (max)

1100 mm

Printing height/repeat (min)

260 mm

Printing height/repeat (max)

500 mm

Printing speed

50 m/min

Flexographic inking

Closed chamber

Product details

Max. printing area: mm 1100 x 260-500.

Max. working speed: up to 50 metres per minute.

Notes: system for 1+1 colours printing on paper bags and envelopes.

Miniflex 541 is an in-line system to print 1+1 (front and back side) colours on paper bags and envelopes. Indeed, this system is equipped with axis control to synchronize the printing units and with two photocells to check the position of the two paper webs before welding. Moreover, on the supporting structure there are two calendars with dancing rollers to get a perfect web tension while printing.

It is possible to set the distances between the roller from the control panel or from the operator panel as these adjustment devices are quipped with electric cylinders.

Thanks to the gearless motorization (one motor for the printing roller and one motor for the anilox roller) and to the in-line sleeve change system, it is possible to modify the printing repeat (from 260 to 500 mm) very quickly according to the bags to be produced. As these printing units are equipped with inking system by closed chamber and ceramic anilox roller, washing and colour changing are very easy to carry out.

The printing system is complete with two drying boxes so that the ink can get dry in a short time and it is possible to work in-line at a max. speed of 50 metres per minute