Ink dried on plates and rollers and not transferring to substrate, normally found on leading edge of substrate.


– Low pH due to loss of amine;

– Uncontrolled viscosity;

– Air spillage onto printing unit;

– Incorrect solvent balance;

– Insufficient transfer;

– Web temperature too high when entering print station;

– High temperature and/or low humidity in pressroom.


– Add pH stabiliser solution;

– Maintain correct printing viscosity. Do not print at high viscosity;

– Keep forced air away from units. Air movement near doors, windows and fans is to be avoided. Check interdeck dryers for overflow;

– Use correct solvent mixture, weak solvents will precipitate ink components;

– Use correct anilox. Do not use very low viscosity;

– Reduce preheat web temperature entering print station;

– Control pressroom environment to optimum conditions.

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