Giugni Srl is constantly up to date in order to invest on technologies that follow the Industry 4.0 features.
Our printing machines were conceived in accordance to high-tech standards, like assistance remote control, integration in production line, monitoring system of machine condition.

Control function
Giugni printing machines are controlled by PLC: particularly, PLC-Motion, a high performance centralized system for axis control acting on motors, actuators and so on, and PLC-Logic, a process variable control software (input signals coming from sensors or other devices and service outputs). Giugni uses PLC devices produced by main market suppliers (such as Siemens, Lenze, Bosch), chosen according to the on-going project and to the customer requirements. In this context, Giugni software builds the machine-operator GUI and contributes to the machine customization according to the customer requirements and to the line where the printing unit has to be integrated.
Examples of PLC used on Giugni printing machines:
– Lenze 3200C
– Bosch XM21

Interconnection and integration function
Giugni printing machines can interconnect with the customer network thanks to specialized connection modules allowing remote uploading of working instructions and the automatic integration with the factory logistic system.
The machine can exchange information, in an open and reliable way, thanks to a specific module for internal factory network and to an internet connection module for web server access.
The exchange information process runs through standardized fieldbus, Sercos, Ethercat or Profinet. Also in this case the features are based on customer requirements related to the integration with other machines on his production line.
The machine can be automatized and integrated in the line with the other machines of the production cycle.

User-Machine interface
Giugni printing machines are equipped with an advanced user friendly HMI-Visu, that implements a touch-screen display allowing reproducing texts, images, bar graphs, bitmaps and animated images. In this case as well the device can be selected between different models and manufacturers (Siemens, Bosch, Lenze, etc…):
– Lenze P300

Remote maintenance and control
Giugni machines have a remote maintenance and control system, thanks to a VPN connection with protocols, and an Ewon controller, that allows to do remote maintenance operation on machine parts. The machine can be completely remote controlled and software updated.

Continuous monitoring devices and working conditions and process parameters
Giugni printing machines are equipped with sensors and actuators for continuous monitoring of working conditions and process parameters. The main devices are:
– Sick sensors that check the film path and alert if the material gets damaged thus stopping the machine.
– IFM sensors monitoring ink levels .
– Gama viscometers to check the ink viscosity and to add solvent automatically for ink dilution.   

Safety requirements
The machines satisfy safety requirements of health and work, as they comply to requisites of 2006/42/CE Directive (known as “Machinery directive”), according to which a documentation of the Essential Health and Safety Requirements (EHSR) was drafted, in accordance with standard EN ISO 14121-1:2007 “Safety of Machinery – Risk Assessment, Part 1: Principles”.

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