Printing System 906

Printing System 906

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Technical specifications
Width3511 mm
Height2952 mm
Depth2124 mm
No. of print colours3
Printing width (min)200 mm
Printing width (max)200 mm
Repeat (min)600 mm
Repeat (max)600 mm
Printing speed100 m/min
Type of printingFlexo H2O
Flexographic inkingDoctor blade
MotorisationMotor powered
Drying system1
Sleeve change1
product details

Flexo H2O motorised with doctor blade

906 is a 3 colours in-line printing system to personalize cardboard corner pieces and other flexible materials (e.g. plastic films, non-woven, etc.) made up of 3 printers Miniflex 520/200.

The off-line sleeve system makes the stereo change very easy and quick. Moreover, the use of engraved sleeves offers the possibility of endless printing.

The high printing quality is guaranteed by the inking system consisting on laser engraved ceramic anilox roller and negative doctor blade. The ink recirculation system from bucket by pneumatic pump keeps the ink very fluid and perfectly mixed.

The ink reservoir and the doctor blade holder are coated with Teflon so that cleaning is extremely quick to carry out.

The Miniflex 520 units are synchronized each other electronically. The position of one colour can be simply modified from control panel or from the movable key-board.

The printers are installed on a supporting frame suitable for films having max. width of 450 mm. The system is also equipped with a drying unit by hot air with electrical resistances.