Miniflex 542

Miniflex 542

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Technical specifications
Width2030 mm
Height560 mm
Depth600 mm
No. of print colours1
Printing width (min)1300 mm
Printing width (max)1300 mm
Repeat (min)500 mm
Repeat (max)700 mm
Printing speed100 m/min
Type of printingFlexo H2O
Flexographic inkingRubber roller
MotorisationWeb driven
product details

Flexo H2O passive with rubber roller

Miniflex 542 is the ideal not-motorised solution for big dimension printing using water base inks. Indeed, the printer is equipped with an electric motor with the function of letting turning the inking rolls when the unit is in stand-by, so that the ink doesn’t get dry. On the contrary, the machine in printing position is moved by the contact of the rubber dragging rings with the material.

The max. printing width is 1300 mm while the possible developments ranges from 500 to 700 mm.

High quality printing up to 110 m/min is ensured by the inking system with rubber fountain roller and chromed anilox roller.

Miniflex 542 is supplied with ink recirculation system from bucket by pneumatic pump.