Miniflex® 524

Miniflex® 524

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Technical specifications
Width436 mm
Height348 mm
Depth471 mm
No. of print colours1
Printing width (min)200 mm
Printing width (max)200 mm
Repeat (min)300 mm
Repeat (max)600 mm
Printing speed50 m/min
Flexographic inkingRubber roller
product details

Miniflex® 524 is a printing unit offering the opportunity of changing the printing roller very quickly to get different printing repeats, without wasting time for setting. Indeed, this equipment can fit printing rollers having developments from 300 to 600 mm and the inking unit moves pneumatically to the new printing roller. For this reason, it is ideal for in-line printing on bag making machines where bags with different sizes are manufactured.

Being completely pneumatic, Miniflex® 524 is extremely easy to install and to use.

The inking system by rubber fountain roller and distributing roller allows reaching the max. speed of 50 m/min.

The printer is supplied with pneumatic control and with ink recirculation system from bucket by pneumatic pump.