Miniflex 390



Extrusion Converting, Paper Non-wovens Fabrics


Plastics Bioplastics, Paper Cardboard, Fabrics Nets, Rubber, Metal

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Technical specifications

210 mm


305 mm


324 mm

No. of print colours


Printing width (min)

50 mm

Printing width (max)

250 mm

Printing height/repeat (min)

300 mm

Printing height/repeat (max)

1000 mm

Type of printing

Flexo H2O, Flexo Solv



Flexographic inking

Rubber roller

Product details

Flexo solv and H2O passive with rubber roller

The Miniflex 390 is a printing machine (printing unit) very easy to use because all adjustments of the rollers are pneumatic and automatic. This machine is particularly useful for the printing of brand names, recycling logos, small images and logos on flowing film and flexible laminates, absorbent or not absorbent, such as plastic or paper films. It is a passive machine because it receives its motion only by the contact with the flowing substrate. The “Miniflex 390” can reach a max. speed of 50 m-min (100 m-min in case of special models). Vertical arrangement with film flowing from above downwards or vice-versa (or equivalent). This printing machine has a flexographic inking system through two rollers by a friction drive and types-fixing by double-sided adhesive. Ink feeding by ink recirculation system consisting of a 15 or 25 litres tank placed on a wheeled trolley, pneumatic pump, fast connections pipes and a reservoir on the machine itself, easily removable for cleaning. The “Miniflex 390100” is provided with safety protections according to CE rules. The pneumatic logic control is supplied as a standard with the machine.