Offline Flexo 353



Extrusion Converting, Pharmaceutical Medical Biomedical, Paper Non-wovens Fabrics


Plastics Bioplastics, Paper Cardboard, Fabrics Nets

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Technical specifications
No. of print colours


Printing width (min)

700 mm

Printing width (max)

700 mm

Printing height/repeat (min)

400 mm

Printing height/repeat (max)

400 mm

Printing speed

150 m/min


Closed chamber

Product details

Printing area: 700 x 400 mm.
Max. printing speed: 150 metres per minute.
Notes: reel-to-reel system to unwind, print in one or two colours and rewind plastic or paper foils.

This reel-to-reel flexo printing station is the ideal solution to unwind, print in one or two colours and rewind plastic film reels in an easy, practical and reliable way. It is made up of an unwinding-rewinding unit and two printing units, one Miniflex 389-700-Variant and one Miniflex 347-250. The unwinding-rewinding unit is suitable for reels with 800 mm width and 600 mm diameter of a wide range of different materials, among them HDPE, LDPE, and PVC. Both the unwinding and the winding axis are equipped with pneumatically expanding reels-holding shaft for a fast and easy reel change. Moreover, the unwinding axis has a film tension control by means of a load cell. The unit is also equipped with a drying system complete with fan, exhauster, a blower and connection pipes. It has also a web guide for a perfect realignment of the rewinded reel sides. Two flexo printing units are mounted on the system to print in one or two colours. The first colour is printed by a Miniflex 347-250 passive that means that the equipment receives the motion directly by the material to be printed by means of rubber dragging rings. This machine has max. printing area of 250 x 500 mm (other possible developments from 300 to 700 mm are possible using other printing rollers) and can reach a max. working speed of 50 m-min. The second colour is printed by a Miniflex 389-700-Variant by means of a photocell for spot reading that allows the  the second one to print in register. This machine has an electronic control logic, suitable for working in three different modes: continuous (printing repeat given by the circumference of the printing roller), variant (adjustable printing repeat electronically from control panel), spot (for printing a second colour by means of a photocell). Thanks to the inking system with closed chamber and laser engraved ceramic anilox roller, the printer can reach 150 mts-min (continuous mode) and the equipment washing and colour change operations are very easy to be carried out. The 389-700-Variant is equipped with an in dependent motorization with brushless motor and electro-pneumatic control logic complete with electric panel and encoder. Both equipments have an ink feeding through ink recirculation system consisting of a 15 or 25 litres bin placed on a wheeled trolley, pneumatic pump, and fast connection pipes.