Modular Multicolor Inline



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Technical specifications
No. of print colours


Printing width (min)

700 mm

Printing width (max)

700 mm

Printing height/repeat (min)

400 mm

Printing height/repeat (max)

720 mm

Printing speed

90 m/min

Flexographic inking

Closed chamber

Product details

Max. printing area: 700 x 400÷720 mm.
Speed up to 90 metres per minute, in continuous way.
Notes: ideal for people who must print using from one to five colours and who must often change the printing repeat.

The Modular Multicolor In-Line is a flexo printing station in line, five colours, gearless, with variable printing repeat set from a control panel, with a drying system. It must be placed along production line because it is not equipped with a self-powering motorization. It is a particularly suitable for printing on plastic film, paper films and flexible laminates. It is useful when one wants to print in a short time, using one or more colours, also a small quantity of film that the market may require, when one must diversify often and in a very short time, the kind of printing and its step, without replacing, within a reasonable range, the printing roller, or when one must change the printing repeat on an extrusion line (from a blank film to a printed one) or on a production line (from printed film to a re-printed one). The station is therefore very interesting for producers of films, envelopes, bags and big or little sacks etc. Just to resume, the “Modular Multicolor in line” is very useful when printing flexibility, adapting speed, and quality reliability are required. The station consists essentially of:- Supporting structure frame made of metallic pipes placed on wheels with two platforms, back-up and deferment rollers, and fixing supports to the ground.- N. 5 printing units “Miniflex” 386-700, which are synchronized in electrical axis. Therefore, it is possible a 5 colours printing (one for every machine), overlapping or not, with printing repeat and cliché length set up by control panel. We have three groups on the front and two on the back. The printing unit number can be fit to different requirements.- N. 1 warm air drying system.- N. 1 electric control panel with key board “touch screen” to easily manage the setting and for having an excellent view of the operating situation from monitor (self-diagnosis). It allows the axis control for five machines and the actioning control for ten motor “Brushless” by PLC. – N. 1 pneumatic logic.The Modular Multicolor in-line can work in three different ways:- Continuously with a regular printing repeat. This gives the possibility to change, from the control panel, for every machine, the longitudinal position of the print, but not the step. The step can be changed only by mounting a sleeve of a different diameter.- In “Variant” with variable printing repeat. This gives the possibility to vary, from the panel, for every machine, the longitudinal position of the print and its step as well.- By reading a pre-printed mark. This gives the possibility to get, from the panel, for every machine, a centred print on a pre-set position between two marks. Printing roller with interchangeable sleeves in order to get developments ranger between 400÷720 (other developments are possible). Flexographic inking with closed chamber pneumatically powered and easily dismountable and ceramic anilox roller. Ink feeling by pneumatic pump, container on a wheeled trolley and pipes with fast connections.