Miniflex Variant OFF-LINE



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Technical specifications
No. of print colours


Printing width (min)

400 mm

Printing width (max)

400 mm

Printing height/repeat (min)

500 mm

Printing height/repeat (max)

500 mm

Flexographic inking

Closed chamber

Product details

Maximum printing width: 400 mm.Operating speed 90÷5 mmin depending on the cliché length related to the set printing repeat. Notes: one-two colours off-line printing station, with variable printing repeat from control desk.

The Variant Off-Line is an independent reel-to-reel two-colours printing station, and, therefore, is positioned off the production line. This machine is particularly useful when you want to print in a short time only the necessary quantity of film you need in that moment or when you want to shift from a neutral reel to a printed reel with one or two colours. Moreover, Variant Off-Line is very useful when you need to diversify the printing and its relative repeat value. Indeed, this printing machine is a flexographic printer with direct drive technology for infinitely variable repeat lengths with the same printing cylinder. Variant Off-Line is suitable for printing envelopes, sacks, small sacks, big and small bags. It can also be an interesting printing station for users of packaging machines, which have a diversified production. It is also suitable for the producers of PVC bags for blood and urine.The printing station is made of a reel’s winderre-winder and two Miniflex 382 for two-colours printing with closed chamber and anilox ceramic roll, brushless motorisation, and ink feeding with suction by pneumatic pump from tank and pipes with fast connections.This machine allows three main printing possibilities: printing continuously, printing in one or two colours on a pre-printed film, or printing with settable cliché repeat and length from control panel.Approximate dimensions of the whole external station 2150 x 1500 x H. 2150. Approximate weight 1600 kg.