Miniflex 381



Extrusion Converting


Plastics Bioplastics

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Technical specifications
No. of print colours


Printing width (min)

15 mm

Printing width (max)

15 mm

Printing height/repeat (min)

150 mm

Printing height/repeat (max)

150 mm

Printing speed

2 m/min



Product details

Maximum printing area: 15 x 150 mm.
Operating speed up to 2 meters per minute.
Notes: printing on vertical or oblique side of extruded plastic profiles.

Model 381 is specifically planned to print on the vertical or oblique surface of plastic profiles flowing horizontally soon after the extruder. Flexographic inking with stainless steel roller (anilox) and silicone fountain roller. Eccentric device to regulate the distance between the rollers. Drive by friction between the profile and a friction wheel.
Equipped with mechanical slide for approachingmoving away from the plastic profile. On this slide, there are mechanical stops for a micro-adjustment of the printing pressure.

Approximate dimensions 376 x 300 x H. 410. Approximate weight 30 kg.