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Notes: ideal for printing on a wide range of absorbent and not absorbent materials.

Our inks can print on several absorbent and not absorbent materials, like, for example, glass, plastic, metal, paper, wood, and foodstuffs. In particular, we offer a wide range of solvent based, water based and UV inks to print on polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, cellophane, and many other plastic materials. Moreover, we can also supply inks suitable for printing on containers and wraps for foodstuffs. The main possible features of our inks are: resistance to heat and water vapour, quick drying time, and atoxicity. We can supply our inks in 1 lt., 5 lt., or 25 lt. plastic or metal containers with the obligatory labels and markings and the technical, toxicological, health and safety data sheets.