Superimposing one colour onto another so that the first down does not lay properly before the next colour is printed.



- Incomplete drying of the first colour down prior to printing the second down colour;

- Excessive plate to substrate pressure of first down colour;

- Dyes may cause some plasticisers o migrate;

- Second colour not printing due to:

  1. I Low viscosity;
  2. Ink drying too fast;
  3. Low or high pH;
  4. High holdout of substrate.



- Increase drying speed of ink, use faster evaporating solvents, balance dryers, reduce ink viscosity or reduce ink film with better metering. Decrease anilox volume and/or decrease dryer tem­perature;

- Reduce impression pressure of first down colour;

- Do not use dye-type inks with plasticised substrates;

- Second color solutions:

  1. Increase second down ink viscosity to higher than first down ink;
  2. Slow down drying by adding slower solvents, stop­ping air or heat blowing on plates and increase machine speed;
  3. Adjust pH to specifications;
  4. Change substrate, reduce ink film thickness or increase drying capacity.