Unwanted ink trans­fer onto substrate, ink metering system out of adjustment or dam­aged.



- Undissolved ink particles;

- Ink thrown off or dripping from anilox roll;

- Emulsification/water streaks;

- From metering system:

  1. Grooved wipe roll;
  2. Worn or warped doctor blade;
  3. Damaged or dirty anilox roll;
  4. Low ink flow;



- Filter particles out of ink, clean plates and anilox;

- Check ink pumps, hosing and blade housing for overflow or leaks. Increase viscosity, replace end seals or wipers;

- Check for water dropping onto the web;

- From metering system:

  1. Replace wipe roll;
  2. Reduce blade pressure or replace damaged blade;
  3. Clean or replace anilox roll;
  4. Increase ink flow across the press.