Ideal equipment for quality markings of stationary products such as: expiration dates, paper, food packages, prices and production codes.

N. of colours
Printing width
36 - 48 mm
Printing height / Printing repeat
36 - 48 mm
Working speed
120 cicli / min


The Mini Speedy Coder 287 can work with a maximum capacity of 120 keystrokes per minute and, in particular, model 287-40 can meet all kinds of needs through the use of a refillable ink cartridge, which is both fast and not fast drying.

This marker has a grooved rubber character holder base with dimensions of 36 x 36 mm (model 287-40) or 48 x 48 mm (model 287-50) on which characters are fixed by pressure. The Speedy-Coder can operate with electro-pneumatic logic or with fully pneumatic logic, and provides a slide for fine adjustment of approach to the product to be marked. The marker can be positioned vertically from above or below and also horizontally.

Approximate weight of marking part (model with disposable cartridge): 1.31 kg.
Approximate weight of marking part (model with refillable cartridge): 1.71 kg.