Printing area: 250÷300 x 250÷700 mm. Max speed: 20 cycles/min. Notes: Suitable to print on plastic materials. Designed for biomedical and pharmaceutical fields.

N. of colours
Printing width
250÷300 mm
Printing height / Printing repeat
250÷700 mm
Working speed
20 cycles/min
Printing method
Flexo UV
Flexographic inking
Ceramic Anilox
Drying system


Printpress 522 has been conceived for the reciprocating single color print on PVC film using UV inks approved by Giugni S.r.l.
An inking unit transfers the ink on the cliché shifting from one side to the other of the printing plate thanks to a couple of linear actuators driven by a motoreducer.
The inking roll (Anilox) is a ceramic-coated roll which is laser-engraved with microcells that contain the needed ink quantity.
Two doctor blades on both sides of the ink reservoir evenly distribute the ink on the anilox.
The anilox is driven by a geared wheel which shifts on a rack during the inking process.
A rubber roll catches the ink from the reservoir thanks to the movement given by the contact with the anilox roll.
The cliché is fitted on an aluminium plate through two lateral guides which allow its shifting into position. It is then blocked with four pneumatic clamps.