Product range


We can supply a wide range of clichés in photopolymer and flat rubber. Moreover, we supply clichés in polymer on metal foil that can be fixed in an extremely easy and fast way to the cliché-holder plate thanks to its magnetic surface. We also produce clichés provided with special fitting systems in order to fix them easier and faster, especially when the clichés have big dimensions. The first system consists on pinned clichés. In this case, the clichés have got special holes where the corresponding reference pins on the printing roller have to be inserted. With this system, it is possible to fix very quickly the clichés on the roller in the right position. The second system is called Matthews-system. In this case, the cliché is fixed on a polyester plate. When the cliché is needed, it will be only necessary to fix this plate on the printing roller. For this operation, the hook mounted on the plate must be inserted in the corresponding groove on the printing roller. Then, the plate will be tensioned and fixed on the other side with double-side adhesive.