One part of the design is not correctly positioned with another.



- Plates not mounted in register;

- Incorrect web tension; 

- Incorrect drive-roller adjustment;

- Excessive web temperature;

- Press register compensator not centered;

- Idle rollers dragging or running intermittently;

- Press out of alignment;

- Variations in substrate gauge;

- Incorrect (damaged) drive gear or journal;



- Remount plate in register. Review plate mounting and make-ready procedures. Check plate thickness, dispro and relief depth. Check tape thickness;

- Adjust tension controls appropriately for the substrate being printed;

- Check drive roll parallel for constant side-to-side pressure and centre wear condition;

- Reduce dryer temperature;

- Centre individual advance/retard running registers and side-to-side register compensators before manually keying in job register;

- Replace or lubricate idle roller bearings;

- Realign press;

- Replace substrate;

- Replace drive gear or journal.