Maximum printing area: 36 x 36 mm. Maximum capacity: 80 strokes per min. Notes: ideal to code still-standing products.

N. of colours
Printing width
36 mm
Printing height / Printing repeat
36 mm
Working speed
80 strokes/min


Miniplaincoder 279 is suitable for marking still products and, since it uses a refillable cartridge for both rapid and not rapid inks, it can meet every kind of coding need. This coder is equipped with a grooved rubber type-holder. On this type-holder, that is very easy to remove, the rubber types are fixed by pressure. Moreover, special versions with dovetail rubber types for irregular surfaces or metal types are available. Miniplaincoder can be equipped with electro-pneumatic or with completely pneumatic logic and is provided with a micrometrical adjusting slide to approach very easily the machine to the product to be marked. Approximate weight of coding-head with refillable cartridge 3,18 kg.