Max. working speed: 50 metres per minute. Notes: developed to print in-line grid on extruded polystyrene boards.

N. of colours
Printing width
600 mm
Printing height / Printing repeat
500 mm
Working speed
50 m/min


Minioffset 395 is an offset printer designed to print in-line grid on extruded polystyrene boards during the extruding process.
Indeed, with the rubber offset roller, it is possible to print on surfaces that are not perfectly flat and to compensate for the eventual irregularities of the material. This roller is driven by the movement of the material to print and then it drives all the other rollers of the printing unit. On this printer, the cliché roller and the cliché are replaced by a laser engraved rubber sleeve and an air spindle. In this way, the machine prints continuously a grill made up of squares having sides 10 cm long without any print interruption.
Minioffset 395 can print up to 50 metres per minute. The inking system is made up of a fountain rubber roller and a sandblasted distributing roller which inks the engraved sleeve. Then, the engraved sleeve prints the offset roller which transfers the print on the upper surface of the extruded polystyrene boards.
The machine is supplied complete with pneumatic control logic and  “ink-recirculation system” comprised of ink bucket with pneumatic mini-pump on its lid, hoses and fast connections.