Flexo UV motorised with closed chamber

N. of colours
Printing width
300 mm
Printing height / Printing repeat
630 mm
Working speed
10 m/min
Printing method
Flexo UV
Flexographic inking
Closed chamber


The system 929 has been developed for centred printing on bags and sacks on production lines having intermittent movement.
To compensate the intermittent movement and make possible the flexo printing, it is equipped with a calender and a dancer.
After the pulling and compensation unit, we find a printing machine Miniflex 512/300. This printer is suitable for printing using UV inks and has a max. printing width of 300 mm. Being a gearless flexo printing machine, that means with double motorization (one for the printing roller and one for the engraved ceramic anilox roller), and being equipped with in-line sleeve changing system, this unit can print several printing repeats just by few quick operations. Indeed, it can fit sleeves having development ranging from 350 to 700 mm. Moreover, it is equipped with a multi-function software giving the possibility to work in “continuous mode” (in this case the printing repeat is given by the development of the printing roller) and in “Variant mode” (printing repeat settable from control panel). The combination of the sleeve change system and of the multi-function software with “Variant mode” allows achieving many different printing repeats, thus, reducing the operations to carry out and avoiding useless and expensive working intervals. Besides, thanks to the innovative software and to the precision of mechanical devices, it is possible to achieve centred prints on pre-printed films with a high register precision. The inking system by laser engraved ceramic anilox roller and by closed chamber ensures to transfer the right ink quantity to the printing clichés and, as a consequence, to obtain a high printing quality. 
After prnting, the ink is cured by means of a UV lamp.