Flexo solv, H2O and UV motorised with closed chamber

N. of colours
Printing width
100 mm
Printing height / Printing repeat
240 ÷ 400 mm
Working speed
600 m/min
Printing method
Flexo solv - Flexo H2O - Flexo UV
Flexographic inking
Closed chamber


Miniflex 530 is a high-speed flexo printer thought to be installed on new installations or retrofit existing plants with gearless flexo technology, ideal to print a wide range of products for personal hygiene such as baby diapers and adults, feminine care pads and personal wipes.
Miniflex 530 offers maximum flexibility in terms of printing repeats, it boasts of the sleeve system and the electronic setting of the print repeat (Variant).
Miniflex 530 is suitable for use in modules in order to print more colors in register with each other (1 +1, 2 +2, 3 +3, 2 +0, ... ..).
Miniflex 530 can use not only solvent-based inks but also water-based inks and the latest UV-curable inks.
Water-based and UV inks overcome all the risks coming from solvents (VOCs).
It is fit to print very light non woven substrates such as 10 gsm.