Operating speed up to 50 meters per minute. Notes: ideal for printing on polystyrene.

N. of colours
Printing width
200 ÷ 600
Printing height / Printing repeat
600 ÷ 780
Working speed
50 m/min
Flexographic inking
Rubber roller
Product range


Model 373 has been planned to meet with the polystyrene printing requirements. Its main features are: horizontal positioning in-line with boards passing underneath, maximum substrate speed 50 metres per minute standard or 120 metres per minute special. Cliché fixing with mechanical turnbuckle. Two-roller flexographic inking without doctor blade. Automatic ink filling. Driven by contact with the substrate and the stop roller.
Pantograph device, mechanical stops for alignment adjustment, and pneumatic control logic. The frame is planned for one printing cylinder only (this means one only repeat length or submultiples).
Approximate dimensions 520 x 590 x H. 530 mm. Approximate weight 70 kg.