Maximum printing area: 400 x 100 mm (width x development). Max. working speed: 40 metres per minute. Notes: in line printing of medical paper on automatic packaging machines.

N. of colours
Printing width
400 mm
Printing height / Printing repeat
100 mm
Working speed
40 m/min
Product range


Miniflex 354 Agilon is a flexo printing machine suitable for absorbent material, like medical paper. This unit can reach a max. working speed of 40 mts-min and has a max. printing area of 400 x 100 mm (printing width x development). The main feature of this equipment is the flexographic inking system with distributing sanded roller inked by an Agilon cartridge. The 354 is equipped with an independent motorization by means of a Brushless motor mounted on the machine side. The motor is controlled by its drive and works at the same speed of the film read by an encoder matching the two speeds. Moreover, the Miniflex Agilon is provided with micrometrical adjustments between the distributing, the printing and the back-up roller. Complete with electro-pneumatic control logic and safety protections against work accidents according to CE rules.