Maximum printing area: 35 x 20 mm. Maximum capacity: 220 strokes per min. Notes: our smallest coder.

N. of colours
Printing width
35 mm
Printing height / Printing repeat
20 mm
Working speed
220 cicli / min


Mini Speedy-Coder 289 is the smallest coder we produce and one of smallest coder made in Italy. It is suitable to mark expiration dates, batch numbers, prices, production codes, etc. on still products or on moving products up to a maximum speed of 10 metres per min. This coder can be installed in every position and is particularly easy to be mounted on wrapping and packing lines. Its maximum capacity is 220 strokes per minute and can work with electro-pneumatic or only with pneumatic logic. The Mini Speedy-Coder is equipped with an adjustable slide for approaching the product to be coded and is available with two different types-holder, that are easily removable, in order to be able to use two different kinds of characters and to satisfy every kind of printing needs. It uses a pre-inked cartridge.